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Originally Posted by hitm4n View Post
Thats fine, i'm finally, 25+ years later, hanging up the real Amiga and going emulation only. I have been going through all my old disks and lists and making sure i have everything i used to have available to me. In going through the lists i just noticed these few missing from HOL, where many other PD games were present. I thought HOL was the one "preferred" place for game information (as its linked with a search box at the top of this forum), but it seems the LemonAmiga database is more complete? It certainly has way more screenshots per game too...

Should i be more concerned about submitting this list (will need re-checking as Lemon does already have a bunch of them listed) to Lemon instead?

HOL is more complete than Lemon.

HOL has 7050 entries and Lemon has 4400+ entries.

As Cody said, the number of screenshots per game varies between the sites; it depends on what's been submitted / processed for a game.

You can always help out, take screeenshot / information and add to both sites
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