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Originally Posted by jotd View Post
This simple test was made because I have issues with Motorola official FPSP on 68060, which is VERY different from 68040 FPSP (which probably doesn't use FPIAR, but 68060 version uses it).
The 68040 does the full operand fetch and provides a very large stack frame on which the fpsp can find all missing operands. The 68060 doesn't do that, so the FPSP has to decode the opcode itself and fetch the data itself.

This is one particular implementation bug of many 68060.libraries, namely to create a MuForce hit within the FPSR in case an operand needs to be loaded from an unmapped address. The library needs to forward the access error.

Originally Posted by jotd View Post
Strangely enough, on the real example I'm testing FPIAR is NOT zero, but points to another FPU instruction (FMOVE.D, which is valid for the 68060)
That would surprise me. It could be, however, that the FMOVE.D requires help by the FPSP as well because its argument is not normalized, or its result requires denormalization. The 68060 FPU doesn't do that either and requires help.
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