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Originally Posted by G'fr'sh View Post
Cheers. Nah, I like me hardware (and I consider the Amiga hardware, lolz) and equipment of a certain age (late 80s - early 90s...95% of my 'studio' is of that era).

Just wanted to report that I'm having great success with the DBX 563x pair. A mix of the Amiga filter, mixer EQ and the NR units in the approriate amounts gets me a MUCH more satisfactory sound. Wahey!!! All but the dirtiest of samples can be cleaned up sufficiently without the NR introducing 'pumping' articfacts. Wicked. I have also now bought an old Behringer unit, which I'm assuming will be a straight rip-off of 2x 563x, to do the same thing for the A500+. Happy days.
When you are done making some MODs, post them here.
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