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Cheerz, Wazza.

Yeah, I saw that Pete Cannon vid. Don't think his tunes are that authentic souonding for the most part, if he's going for the '91-'96 vibe. A bit messy. And he seemed to just use it for triggering externals rather than sampling thru the Amiga. A bit gimicky.
It was actually the cTrix one that got me onto it tho, coz before that I didn't realise Amigas could sample. I knew a lot of dudes used Atari STs for MIDI sequencing back in the day but when I saw his vid I went "Bingo! That's the sound!". Like, Some Justice - I always wondered what sampler was used for the bass at the beginning...but now I realise that it was the Octamed synth!
I can't be a hipster - I can't grow a beard for a kick off, lolz. But it does make me chortle when people just assume I'm making d'n'b and am spending all my nights chopping up Amen, ha ha. I just see it as a ch£ap 8-bit hardware sampler at the end of the day. Found out about it at a time when I needed to sell my SP and I think sampling at anything above 12-bit is pointless (since little to no character is imparted), so I went for it. I just fixed up a 500+ to run in tandem with the 1200 for to double my tracks/outputs.

Yeah, the GVPs are selling for silly money on eBay. £150 mostly and I *think* I even saw one go for around £300?!?!

As I say, coming from a hardware background, it still feels like cheating to transfer stuff in, and I've got stax o'wax waiting to be pilfered from, so the search continues...
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