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Tried Technosound, tried Stereomaster...looking to buy summat better!


I bought an A1200 a coupla months ago and have both been using it exclusively and exclusively using it for making tunes with Octamed IV and Audiomaster IV. I sold my 80s hardware samplers when I bought it and have been loving the function and the sound, so I'm going all in with Amiga for my music, no diggedy.

I bought a Stereomaster and also ended up then getting a Technosound too. The SM was quite harsh, quiet, noisy and yet pleasantly grungey. In comparison, the TS sounded a lot warmer and fuller, so I cracked on with that. However, because I have (or had; read on...) a strict 'only sample from vinyl/cassette' rule (don't ask!), if I was sampling, for example, a quiet orchestral passage from vinyl, the surface noise would be SO loud on the sample (made worse by the Amiga's apparent tendency to grab onto/put out high freq noize) that it would be unusable, as to have it loud enough to for the music to be heard, the noise would drown out other samples in the block.

Now, I don't mind a bit of noise. I use gear from the late 80s/early 90s almost exclusively and record to and 'release' cassette tapes only, so a certain amount of noise is expected and, indeed, 'desired' - electro-magnectic-mechanical/early digital noise adds instant atmostphere to tracks. And I'll always take REAL noise from the real thing over an emulation, anyday. However, I was starting to feel a bit disillusioned by the severity of the above issue.

I'[m now loading samples in direct via PCMCIA from the WAVs I took with my Akai sampler over the last few years and, wow, completely turned that disillusionment around. LOVE the sound, so it's not the Amiga but the sampler/sampling that's the problem. However, I will still need to do new sampling before long and, to me, converting WAVs and transferring them in feels like cheating, roflz, so...

Does anyone have one of the older/bigger samplers for sale that have a bit more electronic gunf in than the 2 resistors, 2 caps and a chip that the ones I have contain? AMAS etc? As per that vid by cTrix, like? Hoping for a bit more preamp-type action. As I say, I actively like a bit of grunge (else I wouldn't be using an 8-bit machine, lolz)...but even I have my limits. I'm all in for the Amiga so I'm just looking for the best a man can get.

Is there anyone in the UK that might design and build an ULTIMATE Amiga sampler by commision? Like, a proper fancy one with banging EQ and a valve input stage or summat, ha ha.

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