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It's a Knockout!

Duration: 2 weeks

You must vote for five games out of the 18 games played during the previous season, in order of preference, with your top choice being first on the list.

Five games are usually played in the Knockout, not just 1 or 2, so your votes could all go towards the games which go through.

Vote scoring is the same as for the Super League (see above)

Sometimes the way a game is played will be altered to fit better with the shorter round lengths of the Knockout. For instance only playing one pinball table out of four, or only selecting certain levels or modes. This will be highlighted in the voting thread, and voters are asked to nominate any preferences. Such as voting which pinball table to play. If the a game with these options goes through, the votes for these options will be tallied.

The game with the highest votes will be played in the qualifying round. Then the game with the second highest votes is played in Round 1. The third highest is Round 2, the fourth highest is the Semi Final, and the Fifth Highest ranked game will be played for the final. A different game for each round, from the most popular to the least popular, to give some new challenge as we go through.

Qualifying Round
Duration: 2 weeks

This is a free-for-all round, anyone can enter - even if you have never played in the League or even in the competition before. When the round ends, players with the best scores will continue to the next round. How many depends on how many entered the qualifying round.

9-13 entries: the top 8 people qualify
14-17 entries: the top 12 people qualify
18+ entries: the top 16 people qualify

If only 8 people qualify, the tournament skips onto Round 2 - the quarter-finals. A random draw will decide which players face each other, and the quarter-final round will last 2 weeks instead of 1 week. The game selected for the quarter-finals remains the 2nd most popular game chosen from the game vote thread, semi and final are the 3th and 4th placed games, with the least popular game being dropped.

If 12+ people qualify, we play all 5 games all 5 parts of the Knockout.
The top 12 or 16 players then go on to Round 1.
The bottom players are knocked out.

Round 1
Duration: 2 weeks

The qualifying players from the Qualifying round will be seeded into groups, based on their high-score in the last round.

If 12 Players Qualify: Players are split into four seeded groups of three players.
If 16 Players Qualify: Players are split into four seeded groups of four players.

The players with the top four qualifying scores are the top seeds. The next four are second seeds, the next four are third seeds and given we have 16 qualifiers, the last four are fourth seeds.

Random groups are then drawn, with the rule that exactly one first seed, one second seed, one third seed and one fourth seed must be in each group (or just first, second and third seeds if we have only 12 players).

Players compete for the highest score within their group.
The top two players from each group go on to Round 2 / Quarter-finals.
The bottom player(s) are knocked out.

Round 2: Quarter-Finals
Duration: 1 week (unless round one is skipped - see above)

8 players appear in the Quarter finals. The Group winners from Round One will be seeded against a random group runner-up for the quarter-finals. Group winners can only play runners-up from the other groups, not from the same group as Round 1.

As there are 4 winners and 4 runners-up, there will be 4 groups of two players, which means this is a one-on-one round.

From here on it's a straight one on one knockout tree up till the grand final. Including the third place play-off.

Players compete for the highest score within their group.
The top scorer from each group go on to Round 3 / Semi-Finals.
The lower scorers from each group are knocked out.

Round 3: Semi-Finals
Duration: 1 week

The four group winners from Round 2 are randomly paired into two groups of two players.

The players who win their group will go on to Round 4: the Final, so there is a big incentive to win here.

The two runners up in each group will go to the Round 4: 3rd place play-off. This is a separate group to the Finalists, where the two players play the same game but fight for 3rd and 4th place in the knockout.

Players compete for the highest score within their group.
Group winners will play each other in the final, playing for 1st and 2nd.
The lower scorers will play each other in the final, playing for 3rd and 4th.

Round 4: Final and 3rd Place Play-off
Duration: 1 week

The two winners of Round 3 play for the title and the crown of the Knockout Championship. First place in this group wins, 2nd place gets 2nd in the Knockout.

The two runners up in the previous round play for 3rd and 4th, the winner gets 3rd, the runner up gets 4th place.

Additional Bits
For all other rules and info refer to the Super League Rules section.

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