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The Super League Rules

This is a longer, more detailed description of the rules for anyone that wants a more precise answer to how things work. It's a lot simpler than it looks.

Super League Season Structure:
The Super League consists of fourteen rounds played across the year over two separate legs.

(2 weeks voting)
Leg 1 = Rounds 1-7 (21 weeks to play)
(1 week Summer Break)
(2 weeks voting)
Leg 2 = Rounds 8-14 (21 weeks to play)
(5 weeks break) - during which time we hold the Knockout Competition.

Each new League season will begin on the second Sunday of January.

Voting for the game we will play in Round 1 will begin 2 weeks before this date. Voting will then occur 2 weeks before each new round is due to start.

Updated - Each round lasts for 3 weeks, and runs from Sunday to Saturday midnight.

Updated - Each round officially starts at 00:01am GMT (Midnight), and ends at 11:59pm GMT three weeks later. Only scores made and submitted during this time frame will count, so please make sure you are aware of any time differences in your country.

At some point on the day in which a new round starts, a thread will appear on Lemon and also on, which explains the rules of the round. When these threads are posted, players can then post their scores for the game we are playing.

Rounds are played back to back, with voting taking place alongside in a separate thread (see the voting section).

One game will be played in each round, except for the four special rounds over the course of the year, in which two games are played instead of one. (See the special rounds section a bit later on).

The Summer Break will be three weeks in total: one week with no League games and two weeks to run the next voting. Some people may host bonus rounds during this time, which are not part of the official League Season structure, and players dont get League points for posting on those threads.

At the end of the League year, which usually ends on the last Sunday of November, the player with the most points accumulated overall during the whole season will be named Champion, and the winning Team/website is also crowned. Both are showered in glory and jealousy.

The gap between League seasons will be five weeks over the December and New Year period, during which we hold the Knockout competition. Voting for Round 1 then starts shortly after that, usually in the first week in January. That's the maths of it.

Each new Leg will begin with a voting thread for the next round. After this, the voting threads for the next round will be started on the same day as the current round is started, so voting and the rounds run simultaneously. Voting lasts for two weeks.

Anyone can vote during the two-week time frame the vote threads are open for. Newbies, guests and players from other compos are welcome to join in. You dont have to be a regular player, or even have played in the Super League before.

Each voting thread will officially start at 12:01 GMT (NOON) on the Sunday, and ends at 11:59 GMT on the Sunday, two weeks later. Only votes submitted during this time frame will count, so please make sure you are aware of any time differences in your country.

Players should submit their votes to only one website (Lemon or EAB).

To vote, you must choose any five different games you would like to play, and list them in order of preference, with your first choice being at the top, descending to your last choice at the bottom. Please remember to try and choose games that will be suitable for competition play (see below). Each choice is given the following points:

1. 5 points
2. 4 points
3. 3 points
4. 2 points
5. 1 point

As a special bonus for winning the previous round, the winner of of the previous round has double voting power for the next round. (1 = 10 points, 2 = 8 points, 3 = 6 points, 4 = 4 points, 5 = 2 points). However, because the voting for the next round ends before the current round finishes (voting is 2 weeks, the round is 3 weeks), players must place their votes and wait for the current round to end, to see who will have their vote doubled. This leaves the possibility of an unexpected game suddenly coming to the top, based on the winners votes getting doubled. The only exception to this are rounds 1 and 8 which, of course, come after a break, so it will be known in advance who has the double voting power. However, if first place is tied between at least two players in a round, then double voting power will not be awarded.

The game with the most votes will be played. In the event of a tie, the game with the most 5 point votes will win. If it is still tied then the most 4 point votes is looked at and so on.

How you vote depends on the special rules for each round, so please make sure to read all of the posted vote thread carefully, noting any special themes or limitations to the voting process. Please see the Round Themes below, which described each round in detail.

Please choose 5 games which you know are all suitable for competition play. This means they ideally have a score, or some way to score them .Remember that one or even two games will be played over 3 weeks, so pick things that are suitable for that length of time. If unsuitable games are listed, a moderator will tell you and give a reason why. You must then post your full list of choices again, keeping the order the same as your previous votes, but either replacing the unsuitable games with new choices, or better, move all your other choices up, and add new suitable games to the end of your list. If one or more games on a vote list are unsuitable, the moderators will either disregard the whole list, or ask players to chose again, at their discretion. One unsuitable game at the bottom of your list wont change much, but one suitable game followed by 4 unsuitable ones could be seen as vote rigging.

Edited votes can be disallowed at the discretion of the moderators. You cant go back and change your votes after you posted them - so no waking up in a cold sweat weeks later, when you remember the games you should have voted for. You will just have to wait for the next vote. Votes cannot be edited for any reason, so think carefully before you vote. There's a whole two weeks to think. If you must vote tactically, wait until near the end of the vote, to see which games look fanciable.

Data Disks - NEW
Data Disks can be voted for, but not played or included with an original release. If a game has data disks, they will be disregarded. Data Disks must win a vote in order to play them, as they are a separate 'release' to the original game. (For Example, Test Drive 2 course disks, golf course disks)

OCS/ECS and AGA Games
If a game comes in both OCS/ECS and AGA, or has special editions, players must make it clear which version they want to play when voting. If nothing is stated we will always revert to the A500/original versions; as this is most the accessable configuration on real hardware, on both AGA and Non AGA machines.

Bugged/Ineligible Games:
If a game you voted for has a known bug or scoring issue, it may be possible to still vote for it, but please ask a moderator first. Usually, bugged games are discouraged from voting, as are games which are not completable due to bugs. Ineligible games also includes those where we cannot find a way to score it, so for example you cant vote for most RPGs or adventures, unless it has a score system, and even then, a player could beat the game just by looking at a walkthru online. If a vote is found to contain bugged or ineligible games, the moderators will notify the voter before deciding to allow or disregard the submission or vote.

Bugged or unsuitable games (that we know of) include: Marball Madness, Jim Power, and Superfrog. You cannot vote for these.

Note: If a game is found to be unsuitable after the round has already started, the moderators can cancel the game within the first week of play, and run the second most popular vote for the remainder of the round. If a game is found to be unsuitable after this time, then there will be a public discussion on what to do. In an absolute emergency, the moderators will select a quick game to play, in order to recover the round.

Once a game has been played it cannot be voted for again in a regular round. Each voting thread will tell you what games have already been played, or which you cant vote for. There are three open rounds throughout the year where any game can be voted for (see Rounds and Themes, and Season schedule below).

If you are in doubt about a games status, ask in the thread before you vote, or contact a Moderator. It will be sorted out before the end of voting.

Rounds and Themes:
There will be four special rounds played over the course of the year, and this section will give an indication of what they are. We also play Normal and Open rounds, which are slight different. In a special round there are two sets of championship points available. One for each game. Which could lead to a big shake up in the leader board. There are also two Themed Rounds and two Mystery Rounds a detailed below:

Normal Rounds
In a normal round, you can vote for any Amiga game as long as it has not been played before, and is suitable for competition play. A list of all the games which have been played before is available on the voting thread for those rounds. You cannot vote for these. At the end of the year, competition games from 7 seasons ago will 'roll-over' and become available to vote for again the following year.

Open Rounds - Updated
During an open round, you can vote for any Amiga game as long as it is suitable for competition play, and it has not been chosen during the previous season of games.

Special Round 1: Double Open - Updated
This is a special combo for this year, a special round mixed with an open round, where you get to pick any 2 games, as long as they were not played in the previous year, and are suitable for competition play.

Special Round 2: PD Games
When voting, you can only choose games that are listed as either Public Domain, Freeware, Shareware, Licenceware, Coverdisk full games, Promotional, or even hidden games. Basically anything considered non-commercial. The two games with the most votes will be played.

Special Round 3: Alphabet Round
The winner of the previous round will get to choose a letter for this round. Only games beginning with that letter can be voted for, and the top two will be played. Games beginning with 'The' will not be listed under 'T' (eg The Great Giana Sisters is considered beginning with 'G'). Once a letter is used it can't be chosen again until all letters are used, or the alphabet is rolled over.

Already used letters: A, D, E, G, L, M, Q, U, V, W, X, Y, Z

Special Round 4: Never Been Played Pool - New
2 Games must be chose which have never been played in the competition before, based on a pool of games provided by the moderator(s). Only games in that pool can be voted for.

:arrow: Theme Round 1: Magazine Reviews
During the voting for this round, players can only vote for games listed in the magazines chosen for the round by the moderators. A list of all suitable games listed as Reviews, Public Domain or Commercial in those magazines, will be printed on the vote thread. You can ONly vote for these game. Magazine Previews and demos are ignored, as well as re-releases and budget re-releases of commercial titles. Only games officially released that year, and in those pages, count.

:arrow: Theme Round 2: Year Round
The winner of the previous round will get to choose a year between 1987 and 1995. A list of years which have been chosen already are kept by the moderators, and a list of available years will be provided to the winner. Only games originally released in the chosen year can be voted for. The top two games at the end of the vote will be played. Once a year is chosen it can't be used again until the whole list is refreshed every 7 years, whereby all the years will be available again.

:arrow: Theme Round 3: Genres
Each year we change the format of one of the themed rounds. The theme changes are discussed and provided by the moderators. Past themes/genres have included: Beat 'Em Ups, Arcade Conversion, Non-Human Mammals and Film Licences. For 2019 we had chosen Tennis and Golf games, and only those genres can be voted for.

Mystery Rounds
There are two mystery rounds each season, which are the final rounds of each leg. So we play one Mystery Round before the summer break, and one as the final round of the season. The voting for the mystery round will begin at least two weeks before the normal vote, during which time there will be a two week vote asking competition players to select 2 games they ideally dont know, plus one extra choice as a backup in case ether of their choices are unsuitable. Only players who have entered that seasons league will be eligible to vote. The mystery votes must be PMd to one of the moderators during the time frame the vote is open. At the end of two weeks, the list of votes PMd to the mods will be revealed, and these are the only games which can be voted for in the main vote for the round. The winning game will then be chosen from this pool of games as normal, and the player votes for 5 games and rank them 1-5. The game with the most votes will be played in the mystery round.


Players should submit their scores to only one website (Lemon or EAB), making them a part of that 'team'. It is okay to register at the other site and chat though, in fact it is a lot of fun.

This is a worldwide tournament, but for simplicity all times and dates are done using London, UK Time. Please be aware of the time difference. Any scores submitted must have been played and posted during the named time period (see season schedule below). Any scores submitted before or after the round will not be counted.

To post a score, you must take a full-screen screenshot, or a full-screen snapshot, of your score total, making sure the score is readable. This can be during the game itself (pressing the Pause Key can help) or at the point of Game Over - either on the game over screen, the title screen, or on the high score table. This screenshot must then be saved as an image file on a web photo server or cloud, and this must be accessible from a direct URL link on the internet. To post, simply click the image icon in a new post, insert the URL of your image, then press the image icon again to close the code and make it visible.

Images posted to the Lemon Amiga site must be 500 pixels wide or less!! So it helps to resize your images before you upload them. Images which are over this size limit cannot be made smaller on the Lemon site, and must be the correct width before posting, otherwise it will break the forum width and one of the moderators will come along and make your image into a URL, to keep the forum looking nice. Score can be submitted via URL if your images are just too large, and the mods will check to make sure the URL works and links to the score you posted. Thumbnail can also be used to link to score images. On EAB, players can upload images directly to the web site, and have no image size restrictions.

After linking your image, also remember to write your score clearly underneath, or in a position where the mods can easily see it. Marking your score out in Bold can also help. You can also add any chat and tips you wish to share, and players are free to chat on the threads without posting a score. Then hit Submit and your score will be picked up and placed on the leader board in the first post of every round.

For each game played, championship points will be given to all who compete. The championship points are awarded based on your position on the leader board, with the top 7 places gaining a fixed reward, and and 8th place and below get points proportionally to the 7th place's score. This is why the scoring system is known as Super 7 - thanks to competition co-founder Biscuit.

Player Scoring - Championship Points:

The championship points allocation are as follows:

1st = 20 pts
2nd = 17 pts
3rd = 15 pts
4th = 13 pts
5th = 12 pts
6th = 11 pts
7th = 10 pts

For everyone else, if their score is 90% of the 7th place's score or better they get the full 10 points, just like 7th place itself. Or they will get a proportion of points based on how close the score was to 7th. If their score is less than 10% of the 7th place's score, they still get 1 point.

90% or better = 10 pts
80% or better = 9 pts
70% or better = 8 pts
60% or better = 7 pts
50% or better = 6 pts
40% or better = 5 pts
30% or better = 4 pts
20% or better = 3 pts
10% or better = 2 pts
less than 10% = 1 pts

Points will be rounded to the nearest whole number.

For multi-event games, pinball or sports events, or games without a score, a modified scoring system may be used depending on the game. There will still only be one set of championship points given, and details of the scoring system will be put in the opening post of the round thread.

Any special rules (choose X lives, choose Normal mode etc) will be written in bold under the main rules of a round. Extra special rules (such as: Score = X / Y * Z) will also be highlighted, and may be in Red type, to make those stand out. Only scores posted which follow the scoring method of the round will count, so its worth noting any special rules before you start to play in a round.

Team Scoring - Lemon vs EAB:
For each game played, the combined championship points of the top five players from each site will contribute towards a team score. Only the top 5 players in each team will count during that particular round. If more than 5 players in a team enter a round, the remainder wont count towards the team score. If less than 5 players join, then only the championship points from the players who enter will count. For example, if Team A have 1 player, and Team B has 5, then it will be 1 Vs the combined total of the 5. If Team A has 3 players, and Team B has 2, the team score will be based on the combined championship points of 3 players Vs 2 players. The team with the highest combined points will be declared winner of that game, and a Round point given. The site with the most Round points at the end of the year is declared the champion (best of 18 games), or in a case where both teams score the same points, then nobody wins and its a drawn season.

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