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Recently changed WinUAE folder, now getting Arabuusimiehet.WinUAE error

For a while now, I've used WinUAE in one path:


but today I thought I'd change "(AMIGA)" to "AMIGA" and now when I click on the "RetroStuff" hard drive partition in Workbench I get an MS-DOS window saying the above with the following text:

  D0 00000000   D1 00000020   D2 00000018   D3 01E40AC1
  D4 01E4B265   D5 00F99EEC   D6 0792C994   D7 0792AC94
  A0 0780098E   A1 0792AC38   A2 0792AC94   A3 07800992
  A4 00F81600   A5 0792C712   A6 078007F8   A7 07802270
USP  0792C758 ISP  07802270 SFC  00000001 DFC  00000001
CACR 80008000 TC   00000000 ITT0 00FFC000 ITT1 00FFC000
DTT0 0000C040 DTT1 00FFC020 VBR  07826CFC MSP  00000000
MMUS 00000000 URP  00000000 SRP  00000000
T=00 S=1 M=0 X=0 N=0 Z=0 V=0 C=0 IMASK=0 STP=1
FP0: nan FP1: nan FP2: nan FP3: nan
FP4: nan FP5: nan FP6: nan FP7: nan
FPSR: 4000000 FPCR: 00000000 FPIAR: 00000000 N=0 Z=1 I=0 NAN=0
00F8147E 60e6                     BT .B #$ffffffe6 == $00f81466 (T)
When I changed the WinUAE path, I did change the configuration files accordingly, but whilst the Workbench partitions work fine, my "RetroStuff" partition doesn't.

So what is the problem?
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