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Eek Ok so my first plea has not found a a HELPFUL TARGET

The reason to build EAB its own hardware picture & data site is so rediects are NOT needed & we can use simpler to understand conection pictures to help ALL members identify how to do things easier, along with pdf downloadable information sheets/manuals to fill in the specification gaps.

All I stand to gain out of this project is the knoledge that in future a lot of time and effort doesn't have to be duplicated & the EAB members know they have contributed in its making.

I understand coders & website designers of any profesional ability have their hands full most of the time, so if my time request is putting prospective volanteers off PLEASE TELL ME

As I don't expect to have the data ready enough for entry for another year or so as it will take time to compile.

As this will be an Abime net hosted project its NOT going to disapear so DON't think I,m going to quit asking for help eiether, if you lot are only motivated by BLACKMAIL then so be it expect me to start producing both the video & pictorial evidence of your private foibles for ALL to see

Somehow I don't think it will come to that....or will it
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