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Question Designing Friendly Amiga Hardware search site

Ok I tried I failed, my own purile attempt at making a useable hardware resources site was a joke

As it was NOT Amiga user friendly and looked TOO much like a home website instead of a proffesional resource

To do the job justice its going to take someone who can write my sql to produce an index page thats searchable by , hardware catorgrie , Amiga model & search engine description

Obviously if a graphic artist can come up with a colour scheme, buttons & logo that are Happy to display in amiga user modes that too is a consideration to be asked for.

As a title the "Friendly Expanded Amiga Resource" site or F.E.A.R is suguested but some of you will be sure come up with something better.

For a completetion date for it's design if I were to say 4-6 weeks would that be enough for a site to be made?

Hopefully a volanteer will come forward or do I have to use BLACKMAiL

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