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I suggest what I always used, OctaMED Studio v5. This version is often overlooked even by MED users themselves, yet it's able to save in MOD format and provides a more powerful and system friendly alternative to Protracker. It does support working with notation as well as MIDI too.
This was always my choice as well, it's just so user-friendly, multi-tasking and smooth to use, I struggled whenever I tried to use any version of Protracker after that. Plus, it seems to fit more on the screen. It also has intuitive menus.

Also, it supports 6 and 8-channel modes (though they can sound a bit low quality sometimes9.

The MIDI-stuff works so well, I am even able to use (albeit with WinUAE) real SID chips through MIDI on OctaMED very easily!

OctaMED V5 has pretty much everything a composer would want in a tracker, and did I mention it multitasks nicely, so you can do other stuff simultaneously very easily, while Protracker multitasking can sometimes be a bit dysfunctional.

Other music software on the Amiga that I found interesting:

- AHX (Can do a bit SID-like 'live synth' instrus, but lacks in the drum department, and can't use samples. Still, four channels of synth is always interesting, and it also produces very small files so you can use it in games, intros and demos without wasting memory, and still have good quality, sweeping sounds in your music.

- DigiBooster (The first software I used on the Amiga that had a really good-quality multichannel support - making 8-channel music with this thing is fun and easy, and the result will be almost indistinquishable from an s3m or XM song, if you use good quality samples - I think this can also utilize a 14-bit mode, giving a boost in sound quality, and it can use skins so you can customize it a lot to your liking, plus, it's very versatile. It's one of the rare things on the Amiga side that lets you use MORE than just eight (8) channels, but I don't remember what the limit is. I think I once made a 14-channel song, at least.)

- MusicLine Editor (This is not really a tracker, since it doesn't have the usual 'track structure' (it only shows one track at a time), but it's like enhanced AHX, with powerful synth capabilities, and can also do either 4-channel or 8-channel 'live synth' sound. The possibilities with this thing are almost endless, you can make it sounds like so many things, AND it lets you use samples mixed in with the synth - I think you can even use a sample and synth in the same instrument simultaneously! The downside of this is that it's a CPU hog, so it takes a lot of power to get maximum result out of it, and it's a bit cumbersome and difficult to use because of the 'editor' nature of things. But listen to the demo songs and you'll be convinced that in the right hands, it can sound absolutely amazing!)

I use my Amiga mainly for graphics-creating (Brilliance is just perfect for pixelling), gameplaying, demowatching, and sometimes just 'using the Amiga-experience' that's so soothing to the troubled soul - but there are many ways to create good music on the Amiga, as it is the computer for the creative mind, after all.
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