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Originally Posted by White View Post
here the second part of the tutorial of 4.1FE for AmigaForever network configuration updates installing update1 increasing the ram z3
[ Show youtube player ]

separate note:
the problem you encounter of the red screen has been solved you can see it in the video and see the various steps.
I recommend you switch to winuae if you are interested in 4.1FE
Because currently it seems that with Amigaforever if you increase the ram the configuration is not saved correctly.
Also by using only winuae you have a lot more options currently available.
If you encounter problems saving the configuration with AmigaForever let me know.

Thanks for another excellent video but on reflection and having not succeeded in getting amigaforever set up correctly in my current installation of OS 4.1 I will try to use winuae. It might be more direct and as you said it will have more options.
I'll use the winuae videos you have produced and the Complete alternative guide to install AmigaOS 4.1 to try and get it working.
In that vein, and I hope this doesn't seem like a silly question, but do I need to set up the hardware in winuae as...

CyberStorm PPC
- ES1370 PCI
- A600/A1200/A4000 IDE
Z2 - UAE Boot ROM
Z2 - A2065
Z3 - Z3 Fast RAM
Z3 - Picasso IV Zorro III

.... before I start following the guide or will following the guide set it up as I go along?

Regards Steve
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