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Originally Posted by White View Post
always in this video:
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at minute 1:25 you find Z3 set to 256 mb you have to change it for example to 512 or 1gigabyte that is your available ram

In the current installation I can increase the ram from 256 to 384. Beyond that OS 4.1 boots to a red screen. I've varied the start up sequence file with different spacing, spelling etc. but it hasn't made any difference.

If I set the ram at perhaps 512Mb or higher at the start of an installation of OS 4.1 on an emulated PPC 4000 would it work up until I installed Update 1 in OS 4.1? I can't see a way to make any of the changes that are suggested in the Complete alternative guide to install AmigaOS 4.1 which I have looked at for inspiration even though I know it's for win-uae.

Perhaps 384Mb is as good as is possible. It's better than 256 I think. I'll try another install ltomorrow.

Regards Steve
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