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Originally Posted by malko View Post
  • if for some reason your WinUAE.ini file got corrupted, it is now possible to launch the script to recreate it* ;
  • if you don't use the ini file, it's also possible to recreate the registry entries* ;
Hmmm, not sure why you'd need to do this?

Just re-download from here:

Originally Posted by DamienD View Post

Apply the latest version of WinUAE to the collection: WinUAE v4.4.0

Choose / apply the desired "GUI & BoxArt" size (Registry or .INI file):

... Default
... WinUAE_1366x768_Larger GUI_INI & REG.rar
... WinUAE_1920x1080_Larger GUI_INI & REG.rar
Originally Posted by malko View Post
  • three gorgeous hand drawn Amiga related ANSI-art now embellish your command prompt window during the reinstallation. A special and fourth one, hand drawn as well, is also present (DamienD related ) ;

Can you please post an image of my Bub avatar in ANSI format via a Command Prompt so that I can view better?

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