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Two small comments:
1) This video doesn't show anywhere near all of the Amiga games. It does 15 seconds per game, which means it shows 1728 games in total. In reality, the Amiga has several thousand games.
2) The quality argument has never really worked. All systems, including the Japanese ones and the consoles, have far more poor/bad games than they have good ones. You can argue about percentages, but I find that doing so is usually more of fan-boy approach than anything that even remotely approaches realism.

I missed the whole discussion on cute games last time round, so here's my two cents:

In short, I'd say: to each their own. I personally care more about playability than what the game's art style is, so I'd rate for example Rod-Land on the Amiga a good deal higher than say Forgotten Worlds on the Amiga (and vice versa, I'd rate Turrican a good deal higher than Dennis).

Luckily (and as the video neatly demonstrates), for those who don't like cutesy games, there's tons of non-cutesy games out there as well
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