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Timeline of the video. Or how you call that thing where you can click to show the video at that point of time you want.

Originally Posted by Foebane View Post
Most Amiga demos impress me, much more than the games, at least. I guess it's all subjective.
But why?
Demos are a highly controlled scenario compared to games where you have to deal with user input, and are usually made up of look up tables that are prerendered in tools usually coded on a PC, doing effects that have been usually done better 30 years ago.

What's making it worse is, that in AGA60 demos the Amiga chipset isn't really used most of the time, and stuff gets rendered into a buffer that's translated via C2P in the end. The only reason I see that this category is still existing is, that it's kind of a protected niche so people there don't have to compete with the big guns in PC territory.

I concur that there are some nice tracker productions in demos, but so there are in modern Amiga games.

So yeah, I think what the Amiga demo scene puts out is vastly overblown and overhyped because of nostalgic reasons. With some notable exceptions, though.

I am a lot more impressed by what Metro Siege tries to accomplish than what I have seen over the last few years in Amiga demos on Revision and others. With the notable exception of EON, that is. Which, as Photon has stated, is basically a huge LUT. But I don't care, it looks, sounds amazing, and gives me the feels.
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