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Here's some more "Boxart"... this time I concentrated on all [xxx conversion] games.

These are the new ones:
  • Aaargh! [Arcadia]
  • Abuse [RTG] [MS-DOS conversion]
  • Alter Ego [NES conversion]
  • Another World - The Lost Level [MS-DOS conversion]
  • Arctic Moves [Atari ST conversion]
  • Back to the Golden Age [Atari ST conversion]
  • Bagitman [C64 conversion]
  • Berusky [AGA] [MS-DOS conversion]
  • Blake Stone - Aliens of Gold [AGA] [MS-DOS conversion]
  • Blake Stone - Planet Strike [AGA] [MS-DOS conversion]
  • Blastaball [Arcadia]
  • Cave Story [RTG] [Windows conversion]
  • Donkey Kong [C64 conversion]
  • Frantic Freddie [C64 conversion]
  • Gauntlet [Atari ST conversion]
  • Heart of Darkness [RTG] [Windows conversion]
  • Heart of the Alien - Out of this World Part II [AGA] [Sega CD conversion]
  • Heretic & Hexen [AmigaCD] [RTG] [MS-DOS conversion]
  • Heroes of Might and Magic II - The Succession Wars [AGA] [Macintosh conversion]
  • Heroes of Might and Magic II - The Succession Wars [RTG] [ShapeShifter]
  • High Noon [C64 conversion]
  • Hydra Castle Labyrinth [RTG] [3DS conversion]
  • International Karate [Atari ST conversion]
  • Joust [Atari ST conversion]
  • Karateka [Atari ST conversion]
  • Leader Board [Arcadia]
  • Legacy (Redshift) [PDA conversion] [unreleased] [demo]
  • Magic Johnson's Fast Break [Arcadia]
  • Ninja Mission [Arcadia]
  • Oids [Atari ST conversion]
  • Pharaoh's Curse [C64 conversion]
  • Rise of the Triad [AGA] [MS-DOS conversion]
  • Road Avenger [AGA] [LaserDisc conversion]
  • Roadwars [Arcadia]
  • SideWinder [Arcadia]
  • Solomon's Key 2 [NES conversion]
  • SportTime Table Hockey [Arcadia]
  • SportTime Ten Pin Bowling [Arcadia]
  • Spot [Arcadia]
  • Starquake [Atari ST conversion]
  • Super Gridder [C64 conversion]
  • Super Sprint [Atari ST conversion]
  • The Griffon Legend [RTG] [Windows conversion]
  • The Kiwi's Tale [AGA] [Windows conversion]
  • The Real Popeye [C64 conversion]
  • Time Gal [AGA] [LaserDisc conversion]
  • Turrican II - The Final Fight [AGA] [MS-DOS conversion] [demo]
  • World Darts [Arcadia]
  • World Karate Championship [Atari ST conversion]
  • World Trophy Soccer [Arcadia]
  • Xenon [Arcadia]
All the past few day's previous "Boxart" archives are now incorporated in this file

So please just down / extract this archive into "C:\WinUAE".

Phew that has hard work; going to take a break again for some time.

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