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Originally Posted by Jobbo View Post
It's really interesting to hear these features can work effectively on a 68000.

I'm not sure how I would feel about opening this can of worms on a large project. But since most Amiga projects are tiny teams or just an individual it seems perfectly fine.

Certainly seems like it could simplify a lot of the high level sequencing code for a demo or game.

I see your point (and i'm certainly not an advocate for modern C++ stuff). I used these things on Amiga 500 because i used them successfully already many years in my real world coding job.There we don't use coroutines in the game engine code, but we use lambdas a lot (we see them just as 'local' function calls). For our game scripting code (that drives the whole game) it's very different. There we use coroutines and lambdas (our own, not the C++ ones) all over the place. That made us writing games much faster and safer. We already shipped four games with them and are very happy with the results. The trick is to pack coroutines into hierachical objects and only operate on their own data. That makes it easy and safe to reason about them and their lifetime. The development time savings of using them in our games were mind-blowing.
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