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Originally Posted by Eleas View Post
Hello, all. I realize this is the mother of all thread necromancy, except I actually have something to talk about.
At least you didn't apologize. I've never read an EAB rule limiting the age of threads that can be replied to.
So I enter the debugger again, and switch off backgrounds (mb 0), thinking that this should at least give me some graphical artefacts.

Nothing changes. Game still behaves as normal. Shouldn't this blank out the screen? What am I missing here?
I fear you won't have success ripping these with conventional tools. Data are passed through mazes of ANDs,ORs,RORs,ROLs before being applied to screen. The capital Mb 0 does what you mean. Also means the graphics you're after are gone too.

Here is the method I used to capture a few "sprite" screenshots for HOL.
In debugger zero out selected tiles but leave enough to navigate.
Wf 337ea 413ea 00
Setup genlock with a contrasting background. This makes it easier to distinguish transparent and black pixels.
Not practical to rip all animations this way. Good enough to fill the 150x40 HOL picture though.
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