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Originally Posted by Nobby_UK View Post
It's a Non-Dos disk

Try something like GoADF

FYI WinUAE could rip 2 mods (15 secs + 3 mins 4 secs) from it
Thanks so much for the info!

I ran GoADF on it and indeed it just comes up as an NDOS disk (Non-DOS). So that's not gonna help me get the files out of it.

Upon thinking of it more, it might not even have the concept of files, as the demo coder could have come up with any way they wanted to store and access the data.

I'm going to research the WinUAE ripping feature. I currently run fs-uae under Linux. My hunch is it's probably just looking for the known file signatures, such as MOD, in the raw data.
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