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Originally Posted by Rob 1 View Post
12 hours no break you need to talk to your union rep what line of work are you in mate?
Quality of life research in cancer right now. I'm in the final stages of closing out a PhD on the topic, but work privately on a part-time basis as a contract research/statistical consultant. Juggling the two from week-to-week over the last 2-3 years has meant that I often have to work 11-12+ hour days during the week if I am to get one or two days away from work on weekends.

I tend to dip in and out of HOL and EAB when I need to turn away from work for 10mins. My "happy place" too (sometimes it's longer than 10 mins )
Yeh, my coffee breaks in front of HOL sometimes go longer than 10 minutes! Speaking of which, I really must get back to it after I finish this post!!

I had a flyer for this mag, unusual one. Do you know much about it?
I've seen that mag before on the web, but it's probably not one that ever made it to Aussie shores. Can't say I've come across any issues when I've bought from overseas either.

Reminds me of mags like Amiga and C= Force that came out later in the piece and were aimed at younger games players.

Amiga CD! and Ocean power are all cropped and ready on the FTP mate / hol / incoming
Cracking stuff!! I've just pinged Codetapper an email to let him know, so hopefully they'll appear on AMR soon.

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