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Originally Posted by Rob 1 View Post
Ok I've got raw copies if the scans for those 2 mags. I'll process them and copy them to the ftp some time this weekend and give you a nod once they're on there.
Excellent stuff!

I see you've been busy on hol too
Yeh - I'm working 12 hour days atm with no lunch break, so I sometimes work on HOL at the office during coffee breaks as a means of stress relief!!

I'm relatively new to this place and have got some lost time to make up for.

I'm just glad I've got some stuff which can help even though I'm a late comer.

Keep up the good work
It's never too late to contribute! Besides, we could be working on HOL and AMR for some years to come before either get anywhere near you keep up the good work too!
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