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Originally Posted by DrBong
That link doesn't work. Perhaps another EAB update bug? RCK/mods??
Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Thanks Lilalurl! Is it an EAB update bug, though, that's preventing the link in Rob's post from working?!

Originally Posted by Rob 1
I've scanned the Amiga CD one already (300dpi) do you want me to just post it on the HOL contribution file? or would you like me to crop and rotate it first?
Cool! If you you have the time and the will to crop & straighten the scans, then please go ahead. It'll probably mean that the scans will hit the AMR site sooner rather than later.

Yep, just upload it to the HOL folder. Once that's done, PM Codetapper to let him know as he handles the scan contributions.

This Amiga CD mag looks like a Preview for the mag which was planned for release the following year, did they ever release The Amiga CD Mag? I didn't spot it on your list?
I'm not sure if they just ended up releasing it as an infrequent CD only mag, or whether they strapped a CD to a mag that had a reduced page count. My memory banks are failing atm, but I might chase it up for my own piece of mind.

I'll have a look at the other 2 Mags and let you know what's in them
Cool! Just FYI, the Ocean Power mags are listed on AMR......but we don't really have much content on any of the issues that were released. Would be great if you could scan that one please!
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