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Originally Posted by lilalurl View Post
Thanks Lilalurl

Originally Posted by DrBong View Post
That link doesn't work. Perhaps another EAB update bug? RCK/mods??

The Amiga CD! and Ocean Power mags would certainly would be of interest. Any chance you can scan them for AMR please? (see the FAQ for scanning guidelines)

Not sure how much CD32 coverage there was in Games Master Zone. How many reviews were there in the issue that was pictured?
I've scanned the Amiga CD one already (300dpi) do you want me to just post it on the HOL contribution file? or would you like me to crop and rotate it first?

This Amiga CD mag looks like a Preview for the mag which was planned for release the following year, did they ever release The Amiga CD Mag? I didn't spot it on your list?

I'll have a look at the other 2 Mags and let you know what's in them
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