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Originally Posted by XPD View Post
Amusing.... game coded on the Amiga takes a single 880k disc.... put it on Windows and explodes to a 17MB download
That's just the way it is. I'm working on an Amiga game remake too and it immediately bumped to tens of megabytes in size because I couldn't work with the original (custom) music files, so I had to record it and dump it like that On top of that the high level development libraries adds to the pile too. And I can't be arsed to pack the graphics down, they're just 32 bits spritesheet PNGs with a large waste of space, because I also can't be arsed to create an efficient spritesheet generator

Because that's not a problem nowadays, it doesn't have to fit on a single disk so just be lazy and focus the energy on making the game good rather than as small as it can be. Plus it is even expected by gamers nowadays that a game is going to be a hefty download. I've seen people referring to a game as "probably crap" because it was "only" a 4gb download.
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