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It's been a while since I used Enforcer (I use MuForce) so I'm not sure of the output but I believe thttp has called (jumped into) a function in locale.library where the hit occurs. This is usually caused by incorrect data being passed to an AmigaOS function (probably in locale.library). GCCFindHit thttpd 00001AF4 looks for the offset in thttpd but the hit looks to me like it occurs in the locale.library (different hunk). If GCCFindHit was possible with locale.library, it would probably give you the locale.library function being passed the bad function data. There are ways to find out the locale.library function with a disassembler or Scout. There is the possibility that another program than thttpd jumped into the locale.library and caused this hit as the task is not given. MuForce can give more information like the task.
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