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GCC and GCCFindHit

Dear all!

Has anyone of you used GCCFindHit to debug a program cross-compiled with Windows/CygWin/GCC for AmigaOS v3.1?

When compiling thttp, I use the options -g -O2. When running thttpd, Enforcer reports some hits. I would like to use the data from Enforcer to locate the sources of the hits:

----> 680B907C - "LIBS:locale.library"  Hunk 0000 Offset 00001AF4
but GCCFindHit thttpd 00001AF4 returns nothing (nothing is printed in the console). What am I doing wrong? Should I use -gstabs? Any suggestions/comments are welcome


PS. I just found a page dedicated to AmigaOS 4, that uses -gstabs and addr2line to get the line number causing a hit, however I can't seem to find addr2line for AmigaOS 3.

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