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Hi, I've investigated the logs, and I think what happens is that FS-UAE gets confused about what Data directory to use (relative to "working directory", or relative to "Hard Drives" directory) and picks the wrong one. It should be thought of as a bug.

Please try one of the following workarounds:
- Open the .fs-uae config file in a text editor and manually replace
hard_drive_1 = Data
hard_drive_1 = D:/Emulators/FS-UAE Suite 3.0.5 x64/Hard Drives/Data
(remember to make sure that Launcher reloads the config, restarting the Launcher is a foolproof way).
- or, move the Data directory somewhere else, for example
Hard Drives/Workaround/Data
so that when you select it in the Launcher, it will get a more unique path (Workaround/Data).
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