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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Huh! A plain A600, 68000 and 2 MB ChipMem (only ?) ... that's really difficult. The fastest thing you can do with it:
"Throw it into the bin!" ... or buy an accelerator.

I prefer to install and configure everything myself and would never use a distro. Usually, distros have lots of stuff that I don't need and 90 % of what I would like to have is missing or wrongly configured.

Btw, on a plain A600 I would not expect that my icon.library has any advantages if you just use old 4-color or MWB icons.
Haha for sure not expecting anything fast hehe I have other Amigas (and have had different ones since late 80’s...) this is purely a little audio sampling, tracker, coding and pixel art machine so yes 4c icons etc (ofc I will get an accelerator and/or some FAST RAM if something pops up on the radar that looks reliable...)

It has been nicely recapped with solid state caps and audio fix etc so def excited to get it amongst my other gear in the studio!

Agreed, I will continue using a lean OS install with minimal bloat... here’s hoping Protracker even loads eh

Thanks for the info man much appreciated!
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