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Huh! A plain A600, 68000 and 2 MB ChipMem (only ?) ... that's really difficult. The fastest thing you can do with it:
"Throw it into the bin!" ... or buy an accelerator.

I once had an A2000 and know how slow that is. Even after installing a A2620, A2091, HDD and many other nice things, it was still damned slow.

I prefer to install and configure everything myself and would never use a distro. Usually, distros have lots of stuff that I don't need and 90 % of what I would like to have is missing or wrongly configured.

But you could try BestWB, although it wasn't updated anymore since 2019:

Btw, on a plain A600 I would not expect that my icon.library has any advantages if you just use old 4-color or MWB icons.
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