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Hello, all. I realize this is the mother of all thread necromancy, except I actually have something to talk about.

So after gaining a bit of experience with low-level code, I decided to tackle the game again in search of sprite- and font data. I figured the font data would come the easiest: from what I can tell, it looks like font characters are variable width (min 8px), but with a fixed height at 16 pixels tall. It would make sense for this data to be baked into the binary representation, maybe using a jump table and either a stop byte or preceding width information.

Anyway. So I decide to try out WinUAE's debugger. I fire up the savestate for the first level of the game and then I enter the debugger to switch off sprites. I exit. Nothing happens. So, ok, does that mean the game uses no hardware sprites? Cool, thinks I; that would provide lots of options for optimization. So I enter the debugger again, and switch off backgrounds (mb 0), thinking that this should at least give me some graphical artefacts.

Nothing changes. Game still behaves as normal. Shouldn't this blank out the screen? What am I missing here?

Bear in mind that I haven't quite grokked how DMA and the blitter works on the Amiga, not on a gut level, so I may be misunderstanding what's happening here. Still, from what I understand it, you draw to the screen by the bitplane pointers and this should disable them, right?

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