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Sorry, one of only a few posts here by me...
I am really confused!

So I got original 3.1.4 from Hyperion...Roms, ADFs/Disks...for my A1200 8MB.
Then I want ClassicWb with 3.1.4 support.

Now I found
KKR75 ClassicWB 311
and Henrik´s v28.1.1
Are these CWB comparable? The same?! Even the same person?!

Either way: How do I best install these?
From scratch onto an empty HD with Kickrom 3.1.4 ?
Or WB3.1.4 "naked" from Hyperion first, and then CWB on top?!
I want to make sure that 3.1.4 unique systemfiles are not replaced by older ones.

HstWB seems aimed at the Win user, I am on a real machine!

I haven´t found the "definite" answer reading through half of these 13 pages. :-(
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