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Originally Posted by Daedalus View Post
Okay, for Blitz 2.1, you'll need to use a different value to 0 for the Dim statement - large enough to contain the maximum number of items you might want to show in the list. And you must make sure you don't exceed this number.

The constant not found error is due to not having the amigalibs.res file entered in the compiler settings. You need this to use any OS flags and structures. Add


to the resident files section of the Compiler settings/options.

The GTNewLookProp command isn't essential - you can probably achieve the same result using GTTags and the relevant values, but just comment it out for testing purposes. There are a couple of different versions of the GadToolsLib floating around - I suspect the command is simply missing from the one you have. I'll check it out though and see what's going on.
Hi Daedalus,

ok, I think we are getting there!

So I've created an array with 200 in it and I've added the amigalibs.res to the compiler settings and I've commented out the GTNewLookProp command to bypass it, but when I compile the program I now get a syntax error against line NPrint "Listview hit: ", EventCode

Any ideas please?

Thank you!
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