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Just go into the Startup drawer and remove Freewheel.cfg

That's a config file, not an executable file so it can't be run at startup. It should be in the Prefs/ENVARC drawer somewhere. Depends on where Freewheel stores its prefs. If you look in the Freewheel readme file, it may mention where the settings are stored.

I'm afraid I don't have the tools available to test and help you out on the Dopus issue at the moment. Not sure why Freewheel would be losing its settings on reboot. I don't remember any issues in the past, but anything is possible.

Might be worth disabling Freewheel if you haven't tried already by removing it from the stratup drawer or using the top tools->Freewheel->disable option in the top menu bar or under Run->Settings->Components->Freewheel. Might be a conflict with your mouse driver.
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