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Originally Posted by vim View Post
I did manage to get a small hello world compiling in AmigaDevCpp so that's a small step forward. Made a small guide also. Some questions if anyone has some answers.

AmiDevCpp only seems to be able to build for AmigaOS 3.x or have i just failed to find the settings for it? Would be nice to be able to build for Amiga 500.

Anyone that have some basic example program in C or C++ i could look at? Trying to make sense of the library's and the hardware usage.
AmiDevCpp is a cross compiler, it can target many different platforms.

Not sure what you mean about the difference between compiling for OS 3.x and an do know that an A500 can run OS 3.x don't you?

I wrote some example C++ that might help you get started, it's a bit shit but will give you some ideas
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