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Hello, Please I am very glad to Wait for v1. 5 and I am sure will be amazing.

I am spectating to try Aros but I am not able to do... I tried iCaros but it doesn't work good on my Dell Alien PC with a 1070GTX and 21GB Ram. I see the Arm branch of Aros is working so good and I hope we can use x86 soon.
I see there is a problem in x86 branch, I usted a Linux and a Windows hosted Aros and no good experience, it works faster OS4x in WinUAE and OS4x is not playable. May be Aros need WinUAE to make a good and proper x86 install couse WinUAE has a full Hardware support for x86 Hardware and for 68k Hardware emulation... I mean that from Aros inside WinUAE May be possible to use native x86 Aros and WinUAE emulation to launch 68k apps as in a native Amiga where.

And we will has the fastest and much good user experience and easy to install for all and not only for codders users...

Thank you for your work, impatient to see If I am able to make it run and give a try...
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