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Originally Posted by jbenam View Post
You're welcome!

Whoops, I must have not noticed them last night!

C501 - 3u3 160v
C503 - 1u0 250v
C216 - 4n3 1600v
C500 - .015uF 1kV

Also, attached pics of the underside of the PCB.

EDIT: Please let me know if you need any more pics, as as soon as you are done I am going to close it up and see if I have fixed the missing green channel issue
Sorry mate, we had a baby between my last post and now so my attention has been elsewhere

I have made the modifications which appear to be all that differs between my model and the model found here:

However, both low and high resolutions seem to be twice as wide as the should be and therefore double up. The vertical size seems fine though.

I'm going to investigate a bit more but without seeing that exact models board and the values of the caps on that model, I don't know that I can complete this project. I'll go over again though to try and rule out any mistakes.
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