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Hi jbenam, excellent news

I'll take some pictures this evening, they should indicate which components are missing on mine. I do wonder if some of the shared components will be different values but I think identifying those which are missing would help a lot.

I do actually repair CRTs so would be happy to take a look at your purple chassis since the tube in mine is likely compatible. Could kill two birds with one stone

It sounds like dry joints or a failing colour driver (green). At worst it's the tube but I can let you know if you want

Thank you for the offer anyway, it's very much appreciated!

*EDIT* If you are thinking of adding speakers I think you will need to also add the amplifier circuit unless your models have these populated. Either that or add a small amplifier inside the case. You will also need to drill holes for the audio input jacks but (on mine at least) there is a guide where to cut for these, as well as the volume control. I plan to 3D print a volume knob for mine too

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