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M1438 Pictures

Hi all,

Would anyone with one of these monitors be willing to pop it open to take some decent pictures of the chassis?

I have a 31khz only model here but am 100% certain it's a M1438 that's missing a bunch of components (even the mounts for the speakers are there and the PCB has a position for the missing volume and audio in sockets).

If anyone was kind enough to list the component values vs their PCB designations it would be amazing.

I contacted Microvitec but unfortunately, even they don't have schematics anymore, they were apparently all lost in a fire years ago. No one who now works there were around back in the day either so this information is lost to time now.

I found some pictures online which help to identify a few of the absent components but not many. I also wonder if some of what's installed are different values on the multisync models..

Anyway, if anyone can help I'd very, very VERY much appreciate it
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