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Thank you for the technical info, Alain! perhaps Ive had some misunderstanding of all that, as I was thinking that HAM and SHAM were image formats, including the palette table(s) within the IFF image contianer. Is that so, or is HAM really only a display mode on which to paint an image file to screen, and the file does not know anything about HAM palette or presence?

So, to display an image to HAM display, is there a related file format, or is there an iff "generic" image format with enough colors to require/makes use of HAM mode (or jpeg etc), with the viewer program being responsible for converting a "generic image" data, analyzing the image and choosing the palette table colors, processing into "HAM pixel format" and then pushing the analyzed result onto the HAM hardware?

If I misunderstood, and it's really up to the viewer program to put an image of whatever format onto a HAM display, then I think that's still an interesting topic for this course presentation, I just need to adjust a bit.
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