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Hello there, everyone.

I'm Jacob, and I'm from Las Vegas. I have heard about the Amiga line, however I mostly run Windows or Linux.

However, I did get WinUAE to work as a CDTV and a CD32, complete with CD playback. But, CD32 emulation, from what I wound up seeing, is slightly slower than what I'm used to seeing in the YouTube videos, if not as fast as I can get, given my dime-store laptop's quad-core chip.

Unfortunately, I consider myself to be new to the Amiga systems in general, having only seen screenshots of the Workbench system until I first attempted to run WinUAE, which, due to my being naive at the time, didn't really work out all that well. But recently, I have started using WinUAE again, and if anything, I would like to get Workbench fully working on a virtualized A4000 system, in addition to the CDTV and CD32 I already managed to get working in WinUAE.

I would like to thank the EAB's staff for considering letting me on as a member.

In an unrelated note, I was watching videos about the CDTV's welcome disc on YouTube early this week (as of this post), and on the American version of the disc, I think the male voice had sounded familiar. As I understand it, he sounds like Jim Cummings, one of the more seasoned voiceover artists from Disney.

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