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Another, maybe unconventional solution:

Use Brilliance 2.0, it allows all kinds of resolutions, including 160x240 (SO much fun to draw directly in this resolution - and nostalgic as well (C64 uses 160x200, similarly wide pixels)).

What I do is I use CRT TV to load up everthing, then switch to 160x240 mode (or whatever mode I want, there are SO many to choose from!), and turn off the TV just before the mode changes, and turn on my TFT monitor that's also connected to the Amiga - that way, I can use a real Amiga with TFT monitor and with authentic 'wide pixels' drawing mode.

Less work, and more beautiful result (well, it's debatable, but seeing dithering in 160x240 on CRT TV just looks so good to my eyes for some reason - I just love wide pixels).

Brilliance has everything a drawing package needs, so I don't know why anyone would want to use anything else - to me, it's even better than Deluxe Paints, since it's less bloated, more intuitive to use once you learn it, doesn't have unnecessary menus and other distractions, has multiple UNDO levels, and so much more usability when it comes to animations, different Zoom levels and everything.

And YET, it uses the same key shortcuts as DPaints do.

It's just a Brilliant software in my opinion.. (ok, small pun intended)
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