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F/S Amiga Games, big lot Unboxed but Complete with Manuals (77 Disks/21 Games!)


I'm selling some of my un-boxed Games as I have boxed duplicates

An opportunity to get a nice instant collection with some excellent titles.

All the Games listed here have their manuals, some have extra inlays but might be missing code wheels (where req.) Conditions range from average to excellent.

The Games are:

Captain Planet (1 Disk)
Combat Classic 3 (18 Disks) (3 Games)
Dune II (5 Disks)
F19 Stealth Fighter (2 Disks)
Indiana Jones and the fate of Atlantis (11 Disks)
Jungle Strike (3 Disks)
Jurassic Park (4 Disks) A1200
Lemmings (1 Disk)
Lotus 3 (2 Disks)
Microprose Formula 1 Grand Prix (4 Disks)
Nigel Mansell's World Championship (2 Disks) A1200
Pinball Fantasies (4 Disks)
Road Rash (2 Disks)
Super Skid Marks (8 Disks)
The Settlers (3 Disks)
Worms (3 Disks)
Worms Directors Cut (3 Disks)
Zool (1 Disk)

This is a large lot of Disks (77 to be precise!) so with the manuals they will be very heavy, expect LOL prices overseas.

At this time I am selling as 1 lot only (no splits) and asking £35 + P&P which works out just less than £1.70 per game!

All Disks are 'Untested' but many/most should work as they have been dry stored (indoors not shed/garage/loft)

I do not offer any warranty on floppy media. Here is a photo:

(click to enlarge)

They will be supplied in the protective bags

ps. I tested about 10 games and they booted up fine

As for shipping, they weigh almost 4kg before packing so final weight will depend on type of shipping required. I can obviously wrap them all individually in bubble wrap and use a strong box I imagine this will take it near 4.5kg!

Thanks for looking.

*Note listed elsewhere too

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