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Originally Posted by grond View Post
I was referring to what could have happened in the past, not to what could or should happen today. MSDOS/8086 surely had a much more difficult path towards the modern computers we now use than the Amiga would have had (from a technical point of view). The MSDOS/8086 system had infinitely more economical power and thus made it. However, from a technical point of view the Amiga *could* have evolved into the multi-core GPU power house mentioned before.
from Aros there is a 64bit version with multicore support. Only memory protection is not there but that certainly could be added if you drop legacy support. But who use it? And also no developers (or to be precise few). As Thomas said you can modernize amigaos but how much software is left? Old amiga software will not run, 68k perhaps in emulation. It really not makes much sense. Amiga is a retro hobby plaform, not more but also not less.

When Commodore lived that would be different, there still were lots of developers and even companies who would have written new software or adapted existing software. Today we only have what we have basically. Most developers long left and noone would develop new software for it.
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