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Originally Posted by Chucky View Post
no I do not WISH. on the opposite.. but I guess as marked dropped due to this. and he start to sell chipset instead. (I am surprised people started to build NOS machines actually. didn't think that was something people wanted to do. it was most to replace bad pcbs)

HOWEVER. wrong topic for this thread.
Just the prospect of a REAL Amiga with custom chips is exciting. Add RTG, flickerfixer, Ethernet, USB - the whole thing reads like an Amiga wet dream. ReAmiga has a place, and preserving the systems with bad boards is defiantly a noble act. I fear the process of transferring the chips is too much for most. Guy was selling a ReAmiga for $200 few weeks back without Alice onboard (heartless) - It was nice looking - red. But first thought I had was...what about the build quality? Something that will certainly be addressed with A1200 RELOADED.

Only iComp is able to do it. I'm SOOOO ready BABY!
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