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Originally Posted by EAUniW View Post
Which leads to the question we've all been arguing over for 25 years.

At what point does an Amiga stop being an Amiga? Once you rip out the legacy era software and hardware, you've got a PC with an OS that kinda looks like Workbench but isn't.
I think this is a simple black and white question EAUniW. I think we all know and accept that an Amiga is what was made by Commodore, and carried on with same hardware by AT/Escom. After that it got bastardized and it stopped being Amiga.

Personally I don't even subscribe to post 3.1 OS releases - although 3.1.4 deserves exception.

Pure Amiga Hardware as we know it is the only real Amiga.
Next best thing is FPGA - this is not an Amiga anymore but a simulation of one.
Then Software, again not an Amiga but an emulation of one.

Since the last 1200s and 4000s were made, there have been no new Amiga computers. iComp will release that RELOADED, and THAT in my view will be the only new real Amiga since those AT/Escom machines stopped being made because it uses the real chipset. I'm waiting for that 1200 RELOADED with money in hand - because it is yet another lovely Amiga project that deserves total support from the community.

1200 RELOADED - that's right Chucky - another "hobbyproject" that doesn't hermit away due to sensitive feelings! I know I'm trolling here, but I feel examples of how "hobbyprojects" for the community should be done is worth pointing out. And for those of us who can't do them, we need to support them financially to make them viable, reward the work, keep new stuff coming!
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