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Of these applications you have listed for me, install mixers, the others are not important for the moment
here you will find the "sb128" audio drivers (in winuae you have to select Espansion Sound ES1370 PCI Ensoniq) soundblaster
and very simple to install them you find 2 files
they must be placed in Devs / AHI and Devs / audiomodes
reboot the system
start the AHI audio preferences program and select sb128 on all channels
4 channels later you can increase or decrease them
then launch mixer and select sb128 reboot
run amiupdate and you will find a mixer update
audio is now configured.

use WASAPI as audio in winuae/sound "Default audio device"

osdepot is an archive for amigaos 4.1FE

RunInuae, on the other hand, is important if you want to increase your fun, but you need a little separate guide because following the official guides for real machines you will not be able to configure it, leave it for last.
If you want we will come back later

The ram select it like this:
uagfx 128
the ram you can modify it later but this is more than enough to do everything
same thing for uaegx too

if you are using update 2 with G-REX the update will overwrite the startup-sequence and the network and audio will not be recognized.
do this open the starup-sequence and add this again:
C: BootLoader COMMANDLINE = "Grex NoRamPager NoDiskPager"
now everything will work again

I hope I have not forgotten anything :-)

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