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Missing titles from DB

Here is a list of games i used to own that i didn't find on your HOL site but i could find elsewhere. Mostly PD. Whether you wish to add these is up to you. I don't know how you run the site, whether its all by user contributions but i don't have time for that. So i'll just leave this list here, i have provided links to help with info.

Battleforce (PD)( [ Show youtube player ])
Bratwurst AGA (PD)(
Breakin' Briks (PD)(Breakout type)( [ Show youtube player ])
Clash Of Empires (PD)(
Colonial Conquest (PD)(
Colonial Conquest 2 (PD)(
Fleet v1.0 (PD)(
Jelly Othelly (PD)(
Kingdom At War (PD)( [ Show youtube player ])
M.A.S.H. (PD)(
Master Mage (
Pump Up The Volume (PD)(
Workaholic ( [ Show youtube player ])


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