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Originally Posted by Kador View Post
I'm trying to use the game easy launch feature with fsuae launcher. I have a bunch of lha'ed whdload and the needed rom.
It sounds like you are also trying the online database. That's two different but related features (see below).

Originally Posted by Kador View Post
I alwys get the cryptic "some files are missing" message.
It isn't really that cryptic, is it? It means that one or more files needed to start the game was not found in your file database (see below).

Originally Posted by Kador View Post
- first, it does not see that fsuae recongnizes my packages, as all arrows are yellow
- I tried to force the file path in the hard drives section, while choosing the whdload variant on le list first -> same result
- I tried to download a new zipped whdload game package and point the hard drive path to this file, same result.
As I said above, that's two different features. If using a WHDLoad variant from the online database, you cannot also point the hard drive to an archive.

Instead, run the "scan files and configurations" to make sure the contents of the archive(s) is indexed in FS-UAE Launcher's database

Originally Posted by Kador View Post
Besides, the drop down on top of the list of configurations always show one choice for me "All games and configuration". Is it normal ?
Yes, the drop-down is for selecting other game lists (game lists can be maintained on, but the interface there isn't done yet).
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