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Originally Posted by Retro_71 View Post
I thought of that but the guy has been running it no prob in the US (or so he says) there is also an emplant card (but i have not installed it).
Also i am only hooking up 1 scsi dirve and 1 floppy drive to the system.
I have 3.1 roms and have tried them but it makes no difference.
if the A3000 was in a higher res would it stop even the 1084 from displaying anything?
If you have an ordinary CRT monitor around, plug it to flicker-fixed (VGA) port on the A3000.

Hmm... Not enough power... You need to check this: with a multimeter, read the levels of the +5 and +12V lines. Less than 4.85 (in the +5V line) will stop the Amiga to feed the logic circuit.

Less than 10.5V in the 12V will stop the SCSI to function properly. In the SCSI section: check the terminator you have (probably in the HD circuit board). Active termination need more than 11V to act normally.

Also move JP300 ("tick" source in the motherboard) to the "EXT" position (2-3).

Re-check all cables, it's a common mistake. Sometimes ppl simply mismatch the connection.

Report your progress!
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